The Plantation

Coffee Plantation Resort

El Tigre Vestido Restaurant is surrounded by greenhouses, gardens and fruit trees full of vegetables, herbs and organic fruit and located near the 12 hectare Café Rosa Blanca coffee plantation where organic Arabica coffee is grown. In addition you can visit the coffee plantations under the guidance of Ulysses and Manolo, and observe the symbiosis of coffee plants growing with bananas, plantains, fruit trees and endemic trees. The coffee grows in the shade of a forest that shelters more than 130 species of birds.

We have planted more than 5000 native trees with the help of the Ministry of the Environment and the schoolchildren of our community.

We are a certified organic farm, therefore we do not use agrochemicals, pesticides, herbicides or fungicides, and we prefer to apply the rich fertilizer produced by our earthworms and the compost made from the organic waste from the restaurant. We use only natural products to fight fungi and insects that can damage coffee. Our coffee is certified organic BCS OKO Garantie, an international certification for organic agriculture and we have a sustainable rating given by Rainforest Alliance and ICAFE, the National Coffee Institute in Costa Rica.

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